Tuesday, March 12, 2013


My JOB that is!!!

Man after 2 years of 12+ hour days, 7 day weeks, 200000+ airline miles -  I have left the company I was working for. Thankless and arrogant - good riddance to them!! 

I flew for the first time in 2 years a couple of weekends ago, wow I missed it. The wind was up 20+ so we didn't fly any matches but I did get some neat pictures that I have been wanting to get for like 6 years. I was hoping to go to Phoenix for the F2D contest that Lance and the PHX crew puts on but last minute looks like I am not going to make it.  

I am hoping to get back to producing kits and promoting control line combat. I looked at my files for the plane that would have been new in 2011 and it still looks like the goto design moving forward. It is a bit smaller and thinner to help with the 6mm muffler rule. The last set of prototypes I had cut needed some adjusting for the laser that I was using but should come together pretty quick. Drop me a line if you need some.

 I will keep the blog updated more often and hopefully get back into the swing of things like a normal human again.

WOW!! Look how far out my streamer is compared to Allen's plane. He is standing just to my left with his handle lined up right next to mine.
Wingover at the famous Garland Hobby Park

I think my streamer is flying over the left wing

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