Thursday, October 29, 2015

2015 Plane Research

Late nights I still think about F2D... Here are some pictures of things that go on late at night in the shop...
New Elliptical Spar and Required Jig

2015 Plane with the Elliptical Spar *plane is not glued together

The new plane came in at a nice 200.5g RTF. Allen DeVeuve covered it in Lubbock at the James Mears Memorial Contest's Saturday night party at Bob's house. We put a Super Fora on it and it is pretty amazing. Snaps thru tight corners but is very flyable thru open ones too. Allen uses the same multi layer carbon in his spars and they have proven to be very tough. This plane is using EPP foam and a fiberglass rod LE spar that has not been tested in a collision yet. I am hoping that the tougher foam and FG rod will prove overall a better option in collisions.

Mic Check One Two

Hey is this thing still on? So its been a while since I posted about my F2D adventures. The biggest reason has been my son Nash was born. He is almost 2 now and growing faster than I imagined! He seems to love planes like I do, he calls them "P" and points at any plane he sees or hears. Cant wait to take him to contests and later fly with him.