Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2nd place podium in PHX season opener!

Just back from the season opener in Phoenix, Lance the the PHX crew delivered a great contest again. Smooth officiating, good contest pace, tons of killer matches and the usual perfect PHX weather! I really had a great time hanging out at the field and flying for the first time in 2 years. 

Thanks to my pit crews Alex - Andre and Bob - Andy. Thanks to Allen for loaning me shut-offs and 6mm mufflers!! Without them I would not have been able to make the contest at all.

It was a great test session for the new models that have been sitting unfinished. I was trying to remember what all the variances were... some the the neater stuff that was in testing was a Kevlar laminated center rib, film laminated ribs, new banding around the LE rib TE, new commercially available control horn and Bob Mears sourced PVC covering film. Reports to follow.

Andre and Alex keeping me covered in the pits with  ELES1 Models planes and pit boxes.

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