Friday, December 10, 2010

Reports coming in from builders

Howard Williams and Kevin Herbstreit are cranking out Streamer Shuttles of their own as we speak.

Howard was the first one to complete a SS and get it in the air. Here is a quote from his email "The heavy SS flies fantastic.  The larger bellcrank makes it easier to trim, in fact, no trimming was necessary.  A slight warp to remove and that’s it – Perfect!" Howard has reported a second SS is RTF this weekend at an amazing 229g! That is the lightest SS ever! I cant wait to hear his report on that one.

Kevin is covering the first of his SSs tonight with hopes that he will be up and ready to fly early Saturday. Kevin has David Owens at his house helping with the project so I am confident they will have it ready to go.



  1. The 229gm SS was nose heavy, no surprise there. About 6gm of tail weight in the form of a heavier elevator solved the problem. So final weight was 235gms. Turns quick but no over rotation. Stable when maneuvering complete. Will do big wide turns as well as quick and tight. Great model!

  2. Just finished my third SS. This one came in at 223.3 gm. It will be interesting to see how this one flies. The 229 gm had to have about 12 gms of tail weight to fly well. Hopefully after the warbird event this Saturday we'll get a chance to fly her.